Wedding Questionnaire

Here are several questions related to your Wedding Ceremony and Reception that are helpful in making your wedding reception run as smoothly as possible.


Who will be there to help coordinate/fine tune the timing of events? _________________

Relationship to bride/groom _________________


If your ceremony is at the same site as the reception we will want to be completely set up before your guests arrive. If you have arranged for the cake and flowers they should be on site a full hour before your guests are to arrive. Liquor should be on site two hours before the guests arrive.

Who brings the cake?__________________ phone#_____________

Who brings the flowers?________________ phone#_____________

Who brings the liquor? _________________ phone#_____________

If you have hired a band or musician it is also best that they arrive and complete their set up before your guests arrive.

In order for the event to look and proceed as you had planned, our event planners will need to know the general style and feel that you have in mind. Things to consider are color schemes for decorations, linens and napkins, table arrangements, floor plan, location of buffet, cake table, registration and gift tables.

The style of china and glassware will also make a lasting impression and there is a large variety to choose from, so take some time to speak with your event planner about what we provide and offer.
Serviceware comes in all styles and varieties.  Do you prefer silver/porcelain or wood/wicker?

Before the Ceremony

Most people prefer to wait to open the bar until after the ceremony. We recommend greeting your guests with a light refreshment.
What, if anything, would you like us to serve as guests arrive?

Ice water ____ Iced Tea____ Champagne ____ Food ____

Soft drinks____ Lemonade____ Full bar ____ Other ______________

The Ceremony

Where is the location of the event? __________
How long is the ceremony expected to be? __________

After the Ceremony

Will the Bride and Groom be secluding themselves after the ceremony? (yes/no)

If yes, where shall we set food and drink for them?_____________________

When and where will photos be taken? _____________________

Will there be a receiving line after ceremony? (yes/no)
Do you want hors d’oeuvres passed right after the ceremony? (yes/no)
Do you want the bar open right after the ceremony? (yes/no)
Do you want champagne passed right after the ceremony? (yes/no)

If you have a receiving line we recommend that the meal start about 20 minutes after the last guest has been received. This gives the wedding party time to socialize.

When would you like the meal served? (1 hr. after ceremony, 20 min. after receiving, etc.) _______

If a buffet, would you like us to serve the bride and groom at their table? (yes/no)

Who else might need assistance with service? _______________

Are there any dietary restrictions that we should be aware of? _______________

Are there wedding planners, photographers, band, or other vendors that will need a meal? ___________

An excellent time for the toasts is after the meal has been cleared. The captain can let you know when the plates have been cleared and the champagne has been poured. Would you like the captain to cue the best man to begin? (yes/no)

When will the bouquet be thrown? ________

The cutting of the cake is usually the last ceremonial duty of the bride and groom. The captain can supply any necessary coaching. Shall we bring the cake service? (yes/no)

After All That

Shall we set up a to-go meal for the bride and groom? (yes/no)
Shall we pack up any leftover food? (yes/no)

Who will take leftover liquor/food? _____________________

And Finally

Party responsible for payment?_____________________

Relationship to bride/groom_____________________

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