Tax Exempt Status

Tax Exempt Status

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In order to be eligible, we must have an original tax exempt form on file. These forms are available from the State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Dept. PO Box 630, Santa Fe, NM 87504-0630. Tel: 505-827-0700.

When sending the form please include your “CRS” number. Only New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Nontaxable Transaction Certificates are valid. We cannot accept IRS or other State’s letters acknowledging tax exemption. Please call Walter Burke Catering if you need our CRS#.


a. We must have a type 9 form on file.

b. Tax exempt status is good for tangible items only, such as food, and not for rented equipment or service, such as deliveries and waiters.

We must collect tax on rented equipment and service for all non-profit organizations and government agencies.

RESELLERS – TOUR OPERATORS – RESTAURANTS – HOTELS: (Galleries or other businesses not engaged in the resale of food items or catering services do not qualify.)

We require these forms from you:

Type 2 – resale of tangible items, (food)

Type 3 – resale of rented or leased equipment (china etc.)

Type 5 – resale of services (waiters, bartenders, delivery)