Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

Walter Burke Catering does not directly sell liquor to the public. However, we can order the liquor and mixers for you, deliver it to your event and then have our licensed bartenders serve it. We are able to help you in deciding on the quantities that are needed and to also make recommendations on specific varieties of wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

Once you have determined what type of bar you want to offer, you can purchase the alcohol yourself or we can make the purchase for you by Credit Card or Check, supplied for the liquor purveyor.

For the service of handling your liquor order, we will charge an additional $1.00 per person to the bar set-up fee. If you choose to purchase the liquor yourself, you can either have the liquor delivered to our facilities or to the event directly. We require that we have the liquor, the day before the event, if it is delivered to our facility, we will then deliver it to your event and have our licensed bartenders serve it. If it is to be delivered to the event, then we require that it be there no later than the scheduled arrival time of our licensed bartenders, generally at least 2 hours before the guests arrive in order to properly chill and set-up for service.

Following is an estimated guideline to budget for beverages for a standard three to four hour event. Estimates are based on popular and call brands. Top shelf and vintage products will increase the cost.

Beer and/or Wine Service $6.00-$18.00 per person
Full Bar $10.00-$25.00 per person
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