About Us

walter burke catering cc

We started our company in 1981 with the goal of preparing great food and sending it wherever and whenever our customers needed it to be served. This has taken us to the deserts and the mountains, all over the state of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Utah. We’ve gone to Napa Valley, California to cook for the Mondavi Winery, shipped food across state lines by Federal Express, and sent dinner along with customers leaving town for the holidays. Gardens, rooftops, wine cellars, meadows, opera parking lots, private residences, convention centers, art galleries, and patios… these are our dining rooms. To do all of this there are a variety of services we offer that some people may not be aware of. We are a full service catering business and can supply the necessary equipment to make your event a success. We can also help in planning the entertainment, floral arrangements, security and valet services. We coordinate the entire event.